Building and Leading Innovative Organizations

Learn how to build a scaled product enterprise. Align organizational support functions with a product framework. Build a pathway for a sustainable, value maximizing enterprise.




12 Weeks


8-10 Hours per Week

As product suites mature and products grow into platforms, the product manager must organize and lead Lean Product Portfolios. This course helps current and aspiring product enterprise leaders understand the conceptual framework that enables achieving the vision of a customer-centric business model built on lean principles. It explains the details of building a scaled product enterprise and explores alignment of organizational support functions with a product framework for a sustainable value maximizing enterprise at scale.

What You'll Learn

  • Build on core product management principles and practices to envision and create a product portfolio.
  • Learn skills to dynamically manage the interdependencies of related products and value streams from funding, build, prioritization, resource management, customer perception, competitive placement, and brand management perspectives.
  • Create a set of foundational principles to build out a product-centric enterprise with well-defined core functions that support the product portfolio and support functions that enhance the value creation velocity of the lean enterprise.
  • Build a broad, executive-level skill set to deal with highly complex scenarios using foundational principles that drive and align the enterprise to maximize value creation.
  • Develop critical knowledge and skills to shape the vision and strategy to scale your own product enterprise.

Who Will Benefit

  • Aspiring product managers who want to know how products scale effectively and create value through networked delivery of capabilities across a platform.
  • Active product managers who are ready to begin managing portfolios of products and/or directing product managers to align value across product teams to the customer.
  • Agile coaches interested in delivering at-scale with networks of leveraged and autonomous teams, and need to navigate complex enterprise models while maintaining agility.
  • Educators, consultants, and organizational leads working to improve their capacity to teach, advise, or empower their constituencies to effectively lead innovation and drive growth across emerging and established markets.

Course Topics

Part I: Lean Product Portfolios - Beyond Value Stream Mapping

Focuses on building and managing individual products and scaling to a portfolio of products to maximize value creation.

Key concepts explored include developing a customer-centric approach, value stream mapping across related products, product design using lean principles for product lines and product suites, building scalable enterprise architecture, user research and human-centered design, day-to-day product management, portfolio roadmap, strategies for product life cycle management, and creating and managing a complex product portfolio using lean principles.

Part II: Lean Enterprise Framework - Transform the Business Model

Provides a foundational understanding of what a Product Enterprise can be, why it makes sense to build one, identifies key roles and provides an approach to shape the transformation journey.

Build critical expertise in product driven business capabilities that power multiple value streams, the creation of a portfolio strategy that enables creation and use of scalable and reusable technical capabilities, a framework for prioritization that maximizes long-term business value alongside customer centricity, business model design that aligns product value streams to business capabilities to technical platforms and solutions, and an operational model to accelerate modernization of complex outdated systems into state of the art, modern apps.

Part III: Customer-Centric Enterprise - Scale Product Lifecycle Management

Provides a flexible and customizable playbook to build out a Product Enterprise and evolve an organization’s Business Model. It explores the build out of a robust thought framework, creation and alignment of multiple building blocks to evolve a fully operational model of a scaled product enterprise.

Explore key concepts in understanding a product enterprise and how it works, achieving strategic and operational enterprise alignment using the OKR framework across the product portfolio, building and implementing a product platform strategy, organizational governance and risk framework in a product enterprise, aligning organizational functions to transform to a product-first approach, and maximizing organizational value creation through a scaled product framework.

Learning Experience

Asynchronous Lectures

Coaching and Mentoring

Live Office Hours

Peer Interactions and Networking

Project-Based Learning

Real-World Assignments

Learner Testimonials

The instruction and startup coaching that I received from Dr. Green were invaluable to the launch and growth of Squarespace. The skills taught in this course are a fantastic introduction to many of the fundamentals one needs when starting a business.

Anthony Casalena

Founder and CEO, Squarespace


Tushar Rathod
Building and Leading Innovative Organizations

Mr. Rathod currently works with various corporate and government clients. He leads a team of seasoned product management mentors at Northrop Grumman as a Senior Consultant. At the Social Security Administration, he is advising the CIO’s Office, Executive Management, Office of Enterprise Architecture and the office of the Chief Business Officer on scaling Product Management to the enterprise level. He works on defining and aligning Business Architecture, Value Stream Mapping, Product Portfolio Management, Strategy Execution Framework using OKRs & KPIs and alignment of funding models with value driven prioritization. In other assignments, he has been involved with rolling out Cloud Architecture, Infrastructure Automation, Tooling & Security across AWS & Azure. A passion for academics led him to teach Project Management at Towson University (400-series undergraduate level) from 2011 to 2016. He continues to teach the PMP Prep Course at Towson University’s Center for Professional Studies. Mr. Rathod also teaches Agile Project Management & PMP Prep at UMBC Training Centers. In the past, he has taught at Baltimore County Community College, Howard Community College and University of Maryland Global Campus. Mr. Rathod is currently teaching a flipped classroom style full-stack Product Management Certification course at The Product School in Silicon Valley, California. He evaluates start-ups for investor groups such as USM Maryland Momentum Fund, provides organizational transformation consulting to non-profits such as The American Chemical Society in Washington D.C. He conducts corporate trainings in Product Management, Agility, Change Management, etc. for private organizations such as T. Rowe Price & Northrop Grumman, mentors Executive Leadership, and advises large businesses on rolling out and scaling Product Management practices in alignment with their Project Delivery and Operations frameworks to maximize value creation.