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Negotiation and Problem-Solving

Learn how to develop relationships and growth across suppliers, channel partners, and within the product enterprise by understanding deal-making, and how it creates a foundation for navigating agreements, contracts, and conflicts.




12 Weeks


8-10 Hours per Week

Being a great product manager requires influence, negotiation, and problem solving skills across parties where each participant brings unique information, expertise and resources. When conflicts or opportunities arise, it’s essential to know negotiation techniques, and how to apply these techniques in the real world. This course establishes an understanding of deal-making and how it creates a foundation for navigating agreements, contracts and conflicts. It also examines reputation effects, customer lifetime value, the basics of civil and criminal law, digital rights, and how these have formed to manage our interactions in modern society.

What You'll Learn

Who Will Benefit

Course Topics

Module 1: Basics of Problem Solving and Negotiation

Module 2: Intellectual Property Law and Contracts

Module 3: Negotiating with Suppliers and Business Development

Module 4: Conflict Management, Styles, and Situations

Module 5: The Psychology of Negotiations

Module 6: Collaborative Negotiation Strategies

Module 7: Competing, Compromising, and Accommodating

Module 8: Intellectual Property Disputes

Module 9: Leveraging Platforms for Business Development

Module 10: Negotiating Suppliers and Channel Partner Contracts

Module 11: Evangelizing a Transformative Product Shift

Module 12: Solving Conflicts in Product Development and Production

Learning Experience


Asynchronous Lectures

Coaching and Mentoring

Live Office Hours

Peer Interactions and Networking

Project-Based Learning

Real-World Assignments